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4.8 out of 5

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what people are saying
Ich hatte diese Tassen gewonnen und habe diese nun als nicht-Einhorn-Fan.<br>Ich habe die Tassen wie gewohnt einfach in die Spülmaschine (65°) gestellt und danach bemerkt, dass die Artikelbeschreibung aussagt, dass die Tassen da nicht rein gehören. Wie man in dem Bildmaterial sieht, kann ich bestätigen, dass die Beschreibung stimmt. <br><br>Negativ:<br>- Die Flüssigkeit geht schlecht aus dem Kopf heraus. Beim Trinken als auch beim Säubern.<br>- Durch den Henkel passen nur 2,5 meiner Finger (ca. 4cm höhe), sodass ich die Tasse nicht bequem <br> halten kann<br><br>Positiv:<br>- Keine scharfen Kanten<br>- Gute Verarbeitung<br>- Farbwechsel der Regenbögen und der Augen funktioniert gut<br>- Schöne Größe<br>- 2 Tassen lassen sich relativ stabil stapeln
1. ¿Por qué elegiste esta calificación?<br>Puedes hacer muchas mediciones con este aparato<br><br>2. ¿Qué le gustó o no le gustó del artículo?<br>Lo que me gusto es que ofrece muchas cosas a un muy buen precio<br><br>3. ¿Cuál es la ventaja / desventaja sobre otros productos similares?<br>La ventaja es el costo del aparato a comparación de otros en el mercado<br><br>4. ¿Lo recomendarás a tus amigos?<br>Si lo recomiendo mucho
Been using for about 2 weeks now, works great, 3 settings, soft, hard and pulse, use as tolerated, most efficient is hard, cleans well debris between teeth. Portable can be taken on travel, battery appears to hold, I have used 1 week without, and likely stillhad about half juice in it
Nice design and good materials! Looks solid! Cool design for my kitchen! I replaced my old grinders with this new set and i'm so happy! Strongly recommended for purchase!<br>P.S. Time will show how long this product will work for me, but now everything is O.K.
It is intresting, but it shows not exact information. After a few measuring during a 5 minuts it was showing different temperature, about 1 or 2 degree difference.
I just love the pack: it contains 4 straight and 4 bent straws. They are packaged in a very lovely box suitable for storage. Definitely not disapointed :)
Bought already few bags of the nice Glowing stones! Stones are nice with long time glowing actually<br>just wish there could be bit bigger around
Product recieved as described.<br>Only point i noticed, the installkation guide was not for this product, I don't needed it, but some people might.
this balls it's amazing! and very noisy.. but they dry the clothes quickly.
They are a Christmas gift so I am hoping they work as advertised.<br><br>Came pretty fast. They look pretty, just hoping they glow as it sys.
fiquei muito impressionado. artigo com muita potência .<br>o depósito e talvez muito pequeno . da somente para uns 2 minutos de lavagem <br>excelente na ajuda da higiene oral
Does exactly what it needs to do.<br>The tank is enough for single usage.<br>Easy to refill or changing the heads
I use them for travelling mainly, and I find them very useful to pack my clothes into a cabin luggage :)
I got this for a bargain for a few bucks. The tool to blow it up could be better but no real cons.
Сделана качественно. Надо пробовать. Пусть валяется до лучших времён.
Very nice and good quality, design is modern and came realy fast also
I bought it for my girlfriend for last christmas and she was very happy.<br>After a while (8 months) the colour-changing-effect is not so colourfull anymore, but still OK.<br>I would buy again any time!
no one good items i like it thanks for order screne is realy good
rodillera para uso deportivo a una textura y muy buena calidad para hacer actividades
very good fit and look. after 1 month still shining.
Пришел товар бистро. Удобний, хорошо меряет температуру как жидкости , так и м'яса при випекании. Довольна.
Very functional product that meets all expectations.
Un producto simple pero muy bueno y recomendable. Buena elección, sobre todo por el precio.