Gocomma delivers a range of affordable, high quality mobile accessories for tech lovers. From Bluetooth car chargers, screen protectors to adapters, enjoy a smarter mobile life. Compact and practical, don't leave home without the latest in Gocomma technology products.

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-- ENG --<br>- Working mode is simple: once turned on, a blue LED catches mosquitos and other insects. Once insects reach the LED, they are suctioned via a small fan placed inside the product.<br>- Detachable bottom for cleaning.<br>- Low noise emission, almost imperceptible.<br>- Can be powered up with a wall charger for mobile phones (5VDC) or with a power bank for portable use.<br><br>-- ITA --<br>- Il funzionamento è molto semplice: una volta acceso, un LED blu attira zanzare e altri insetti. Quando gli insetti raggiungono il LED, vengono risucchiati da una ventola all'interno del prodotto.<br>- Fondo staccabile per pulizia.<br>- Bassa emissione di rumore, quasi impercettibile.<br>- Può essere alimentato con un caricabatterie da muro per cellulari (5VDC) o con un powerbank per l'uso in mobilità.
I bought this connector because my Raspberry Pi 3+ did not work well with the common chargers. This resulted in a good purchase because it is economical and has the necessary specifications. Includes a cable that you can exchange for another. It works well, but I still need to try it for long periods, I hope I do not have problems.
Just what I was looking for! This one really works! Within 5 minutes of turning it on I got my first kill. Other methods I've tried take too long and I hate flying insects. It's zapped so many bugs even ones I didn't know were hiding out. It’s not just for flies. It’s also for all kinds of insects. This is my solution for family members who open the front door and then decide to turn back to talk for ten minutes. You know who you are.
Excellent charging with fast charge port quick charge 3.0. Allows you to charge 3 devices at once. Two with ordinary charging and one with fast charging, supporting quick charge 3.0. I recommend the owners of devices with a quick charge 3.0.
My best friend and I enjoy riding our motorcycles. We used to communicate by using cellphones, which isn't convenient and we cannot hear each other well. However, this is not the case after we use the Bluetooth intercoms. We can keep in touch with each other wirelessly now, and hands-free, in a safer way.<br>The signals are amazing, although I cannot see him, I can talk to him in real time. Wonderful!
The set up was easy. I am able to set alarm recording to the SD card and monitor it on my iPhone APP. The image is acceptable given the fact it is only 720P. The night vision is also acceptable. The only thing I wasn't sure how to set up was FTP site. I only wish the attached cords/cables are longer so I have more option as to where I can mount the camera. With short cords/cable, the option is limited.
Хорошая цена по акции - оплатил баллами часть суммы<br>Хорошее качество <br>Твердый пласиковыйниз <br>Мягкий верх <br>Идеальное совпадение с планшетом <br>Рекомендую к покупке, тем более, что альтернатив то и нет
case em acrílico, cor muito bonita, encaixa perfeitamente no raspberry pi 3, tem o suporte para o cooler e vem os parafusos. nada a reclamar!<br><br>case in acrylic, very beautiful color, fits perfectly on the raspberry pi 3, has the holder for the cooler and comes the screws. nothing to complain about!
gocomma подсветка для шкафа, датчика СИД светлый для гардероб современной кухней, я заказал в gearbest.com магазин. Продукты пришли в течение 3 недель. Товар проверили, все отлично работает, мне понравилось. Магазин рекомендую.
I am very glad to receive my order in good condition. Only 5 star, because I get very high quality genuone product for lowest price. And i get fastest speed for free. Very good service. This product is high quality. So I will strongly recommend to buy it! And I also will buy more.
- Cable feels durable, great materials. <br>- Gocomma is a brand I used for cables. <br>- Tried a Keyboard and an XBOX 360 controller without any problem. <br>- Used in Motorola X4. <br>- El cable se siente bien hecho, de buenos materiales. <br>- La marca Gocomma es la que uso para cables. <br>- Use un teclado y un control de XBOX 360 sin problemas. <br>- Usado en un Motorola X4.
good cable (1m) for the price, it's very cheap, and the overall quality it's impressive. Totally recommended Totally recommended Totally recommended Totally recommended Totally recommended
A truly high quality 2 piece smaller "Tactical Backpacks" with room to fit a plethora of various smaller things you will need to carry with you for your travel or hiking purposes. A huge plus+ is that it is also supporting an "add-it on - pull-it off" feature which is very useful to expand it's purpose.<br>Thanks Gearbest..
Na plus chyba tylko cena, jeżeli ktoś ma bardzo słaby słuch i żadnych wymagań odnośnie dźwięku to te słuchawki będą idealne. Ale nie liczyłem na coś zajebistego za 2,5 złotego :D dodam, że u nas z logiem manta takie słuchawki kosztują 15...
Κάνει αυτό που υπόσχεται για κάποιους που θέλουν να ακούμε μουσική και παράλληλα να φορτίζουν το κινητό.
In my opinion, this is the best shower I used home. I live in an old building and have a little bit of low water pressure. this shower makes me fill like I am making water massage each time I have the shower with this device. And the best part my water usage was improved greatly with this device.
Very cheap, good quality of the audio, battery ok, noise-cancelling, bluetooth! Everything came exactly as expected! Can't complain!!! Very satisfied with my purchase
Polecam. Naprawde super kontakty. Latwa obsluga, przyjazna aplikacje. Kontakty dobrze wykonane. Jedyny minus nie obsluguja gniazdek z bolcem - uziemieniem.
Lightweight and easy to use. After put in the sun during the day, it can work continuously at night. Wow, it is so incredible! As for now, I am able to sleep well till the next morning without interruption due to the annoying sounds and itches.
Câble de très bonne qualité . Bon design. Fonctionne parfaitement pour le quick charge (testé en USB C) et le transfert de data. Câble souple. Connecteurs de très bonne qualité. Excellent produit, Bon rapport qualité prix.
It's fine 4 from 5. It make sense to buy for such money.<br><br>It's fine 4 from 5. It make sense to buy for such money.It's fine 4 from 5. It make sense to buy for such money.It's fine 4 from 5. It make sense to buy for such money.It's fine 4 from 5. It make sense to buy for such money.
I'd only get this if you have an android and you want to play emulator games, very small which is good for on the go activities, the build quality is quite decent, buttons feel nice, but the a,b,x,y buttons take a bit of force to press, other than that it works beautifully.
Really large.<br>Nice gentle shower.<br>Metal mesh filter between all three parts.<br>Fits standard shower holder and hose.<br>360 Swivel head for ease of use.
яркий фонарь для шкафа. включается открытием дверцы. батарея в комплекте. стоимость по цене самой батареи(формат бесплатно;)
Um bom produto, excelente para situações de emergência cuja não se tem a alcance cabos tipo C. Material até agora me pareceu resistente e durável, vamos ver com mais tempo de uso se mantenho essa minha opinião!
Encaixe perfeito, funciona muito bem. Funciona para transferir dados e para carregar o telefone, usando um cabo micro USB comum só não testei com carga rápida.
good quality<br>works really good<br>like it so much<br>good quality<br>works really good<br>good quality<br>works really good
-Poręczny<br>-Przydatny wszędzie każdemu<br>-Każdy powiniem mieć przynajmniej jeden taki zestaw
Leve<br>Bonito<br>Durável<br>Elegante<br>Moderno<br>Cabo Comprido e Ressitente <br>Transferência Rapida via 2.0 MBs<br>Carregamento Rápido 3.1 A<br>Fácil de Carregar não quebra nem arrebenta por causa do tecido que ajuda a evitar dobramentos....
Good quality for really cheap price<br>Handy if you have many auxiliary headphones for smartphones that do not support 3.5mm port<br>Forms an edge and helps in pockets or bag