Huawei is the world famous brand of telecommunication devices and electronics. Centered in the heart of China's silicon valley, Huawei has been a global leader in its product portfolio and market saturation. The smart devices division within Huawei has produced some of the most beautifully crafted pieces of electronics. Stability and consistency is Huawei's main strategy and that helps them to stay dominant across so many platforms.

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"Very nice and well made case.Stability and consistency is Huawei's main strategy and that helps them to stay dominant across so many platforms."

4.8 out of 5

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After having this watch for one week, I am quite happy with the band's performance and quality. Here are some pros and cons so far:<br><br>CONS:<br>1) Getting 16 days of use out of the battery in normal watch mode is quite a stretch (and somewhat impossible in my opinion). I usually have the sleep monitoring function on while having the continuous heart monitoring, permanent GPS and cellphone notifications off. I get 2-3 days from a single 1.5hour charge. <br>2) No elevation change details in route info after GPS tracking an activity<br>3) No integration with some popular fitness apps such as Strava (one of the biggest drawbacks since I was using Strava for almost two years before getting the Huawei)<br>4) In order to set up your watch you need to download two rather large apps (>100MB) on your mobile device (I don't see an desktop version of the apps either) - Huawei Mobile Services and Huawei Health<br>5) Relatively short time before screen goes to "sleep" and this time cannot be adjusted in the watch's settings or in the app<br>4) It has had a bit of lag in showing real-time pace when I jog (delay of 2-5 seconds), which is a bit frustrating since I am increasing my pace and trying to see by how much my pace picked up by continuously tapping the "wake" button and flicking my wrist.<br>PROS:<br>1) You can comfortably get more than 5 hourse of GPS use, after using the watch in GPS mode for 2.5-3hours and depleting about 50% battery life.<br>2) The GPS is accurate enough for most purposes and usually initiates connection quite quickly (
Cercavo una smartband utile e funzionale, ho scelto questa perché alla fine a mio parere risulta essere tra le migliori in commercio low-cost. Arrivata in circa 25 giorni da quando l'ho ordinata. Subito messa in funzione, non vi intimorite perchè appariranno scritte in cinese, il tutto si sistema una volta aggiornata e collegata al telefono. Abbinamento immediato col mio Huawei P20pro, subito aggiornata con l'ultimo firmware, e funziona che è una meraviglia. Personalizzabile da app sul telefono, è possibile scegliere quali notifiche far visualizzare, oltre ad altre funzioni (modalità non disturbare, sveglie, cronometro, ecc..)<br>Davvero molto soddisfatto!
First of all, I liked that the item was available at gearbest because I was not finding it anywhere else at that time. The item came, apparently intact, with all its components and well wrapped for transportation. However, it did take a very long time to arrive, but perhaps because it was Christmas. Another thing that bothered me was that the seal of the original box appeared to be cut, but it might have been to customs control, as the interior did not appeared to have been altered. All things considered, the phone has yet to fail and it seems in perfect conditions. Ps: I did receive a FREE charger adapter for my country.
klady - výborná značka<br> - nie je 10000 ale iba 6200 - to je OK<br> - max 9V 2A - je to výborné<br> - USB C je super - pre mňa je to výborné riešenie<br> - spracovanie a kvalita výrobku je veľmi dobrá<br> - cena bola veľmi dobrá - platil som bodmi, zaplatil som len za dopravu<br><br>zápory - za túto cenu žiadne<br><br>pros - excellent brand<br>           - not 10000 but only 6200 - that's OK<br>           - max 9V 2A - it's great<br>           - USB C is great - for me it's a great solution<br>           - processing and product quality is very good<br>           - the price was very good - I paid points, I only paid for transport<br><br>Cons - at this price none
It's a very useful and affordable smartband with basic activities tracking, far more convenient than Mi Band 3, for example. It's made of good materials, also light and comfortable. You don't feel it most of the time when using and the screen is bright even in sunlight conditions. Battery could last longer, but it can handle moderate tasks (not all functions enabled) for about a week. I recommend it.
Après 2 ans et demi d'utilisation quotidienne, la batterie a fini par nécessiter un remplacement. Sans doute une gestion de batterie pas au top, mais surement pas aidé par un maintiens en charge trop constant. Après un changement de batterie la tablette repart pour un tour.<br>Utilisée avec un jeu récent elle tient bien le choc et devrait le tenir encore un moment.<br>Bel écran , processeur qui soutient bien la charge, si c'était à refaire je referais sans souci.
Great good I love the quality of this earphones see simple n' great good quality nice sound 100% original honor. It works perfectly with Huawei devices................................................
lo compre en oferta. a mitad del precio. y a una tercera parte de lo que se puede conseguir en México. es el original. Al checa el holograma se da cuenta uno. funciona excelente. incluye cable A5. Ampliamente recomendable (no incluye cubo )
Hi, purchased it for my kid and she was very happy, good size and nice colored bracelet. very bright and comfortable screen and most importand , out of the box support multiple languages including english ,russian and hebrew in all messaging apps.
been using the watch for some months now<br>great device, no issues syncing<br>only downside is the lack of constant heart rate monitoring<br>if you enable the heart rate you can't use any other function except the step counter
Ich habe das Honor-Band 5 nach Erhalt getestet und bin sehr zufrieden.<br>Qualität und Haptik bewerte ich als ausgezeichnet.<br>Die Einrichtung war recht einfach und problemlos. Die Funktionalität des Bandes <br> ist ausgezeichnet und hat meine Erwartungen und Ansprüche völlig erfüllt. <br>Ich bin kann das Band uneingeschränkt empfehlen.
Amazing screen experience. <br>Thrilled dual stereo speakers!!<br>Responsive and fast.<br>User friendly UI.<br>Camera is ok for day purposes.
About this phone is the beauty off the camera is very good i love it and the size off the phone is big i will recommend it to anyone else....
Доставили очень быстро, упакован надежно. Смартфон хороший, шустрый. Выиграл его в розыгрыше в качестве подарка. Камеры не сазать, что фламан, но пойдут. В плане железа 3х гигов озу и 450 дракона вполне хватает. Экран хороший, отличная цветопередача и углы обзора. Телефоном полностью доволен.
He needed a new phone and has been very happy with this unit. Great value for money!<br><br>He used have a Samsung and the Huawei has much less bloatware, which is a good thing
Very good product, for quality and system.<br>I reccomend this product.<br>It helped me being in a good shape, tracking calories and sleep quality.
perfect, Just like they subscribe. <br>se have to make some updates that takes some time, bit in the end, perfect
Très beau smartphone avec grand écran, bonne autonomie, rapport qualité/prix<br> très bon.<br>Outil phone clone parfait pour migrer les données (photos, vidéos, musiques, contacts, etc...)<br>Seul bémol : le temps de livraison, commandé le 10/01 et reçu le 04/02 mais c'était annoncé.
I love it its got everthing i need and i can put it on my sneakers
This phone has a ton of features and great specs. It rivals most flagship models. It's quick, smooth, stylish and at a fraction of the price.
Téléphone parfait recu avec un probléme sur l'audio mais remplacer par la suite.<br>Ce téléphone est un très bon rapport qualité prix
I love these headphones so this is my second pair.<br>They fit nicely into the ears without any discomfort and the sound is ideal for me
It is a perfect product. Works missless, quick connecting by Bluetooth, <br>high quality material. Easy <br>and solid fits phones.
I'm happy for this phone for this price,work fine don't have any problems.Higly recomend.Fast delivery was make for me
Got the product! Wow!! it was amazing to get this. Software updates can be sent as notification to mail or the device.
Just received my huawei mate 30 pro 5g smartphone. nice and genuine product. Works very well.
E muito fixi e pratici mais estado da portugal fes a pagar mais 107 € para Desalfandegamento e trist mai......!!!!!!!
Thank you very much Gearbest. My Huawei P30 Pro makes the world go round & round for me. I am totally happy
Melhor celular para carregar na mão e bolso. Ter um celular excelente de performance, qualidade, beleza e gastando pouco.. com certeza o honor 10 é uma excelente opção e por isso eu o escolhi, me desfazendo do meu iphone 7 plus.
After almost 3 years the phone is still working good build quality.A bit obsolete these days.